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Curriculum vitae / Resume of Derek Kreckler




Derek Kreckler
62, 10th AVE
Perth 6052

Professional experience or consultancies

  • Curator of FUTURE SUTURE Multimedia exhibition, Fremantle Film and television Institute. 1998-9.
  • Peer Review Committee, Visual Arts and Craft Fund. Australia Council. 1998.
  • Apple - University Conference, Academic. Melbourne ECU delegate 1998.
  • Western Australian - Arts Sport and Recreation Industry Training Council discussion group: "Multimedia Competency Standards and Resources Scoping Project" October 1998.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Australian Network for Art and Technology. (ANAT) 1998.
  • Curator and co-ordinator of arts_edge multimedia exhibition, Art Gallery of Western Australia. 1998.
  • Consultant for Developmental Unit of Instructional Technology, University of Western Australia. 1997-1998
  • The Language of Interactivity, Australian Film Commission. presentation of Interactive multimedia design and conference paper. 1995.
  • Apple - World Wide Developers Conference San Jose, California, ECU delegate 1995.
  • Member of the steering committee for the successful IMAGO Co-operative Media Centre bid by ECU and other Western Australian educational and cultural organisations. 1994.
  • Studied under David Ahearn - music composition. Sydney University 1982.
  • Studied under Tristram Carey - Electronic Music Studio. Adeliade University 1979.


Day lectures and residencies:

  • Newcastle University, School of Visual Arts. South Australian School of Art. Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide. University Of Western Australia. Institute for Contemporary Art, New York. National School of Art and Design, Dublin. Macquarie University, Sydney. University of Woolongong. Australian Broadcasting Commission, Ultimo. Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane. Flaxman Gallery, London. Third Eye Centre, Glasgow. Sydney University, Sydney College of the Arts.

Exhibitions and performances:


  • Wet Dream , performance. Biennale of Sydney.


  • White Piece, and Black Piece. Performance. Edge International Festival, London. UK.


  • Chinese Whispers, Installation. Biennale of Sydney, curated by Rene Bloch


  • How To Discipline a tree, Installation. The Tin Sheds, Sydney, Canberra School Of Art Gallery. curated by Julie Ewington


  • How To Discipline a tree, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Canberra School Of Art Gallery, Canberra. Curated by Nicholas Tsoutas.
  • White Pointer - You are listening to the sounds of humans observing fish, Installation using text, light and sound. Institute for Contemporary, Gallery New York. New York.
  • Get Out Of Here, Installation. Artists Space. New York. NY.
  • Fountain, installation, inaugural exhibition. Artspace, Sydney.
  • Decoy, Video. Domain Theatre, Art Gallery of New South Wales.


  • White Pointer - You are listening to the sounds of humans observing fish, Installation using text, light and sound. Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney. Victorian Centre for Photography, Melbourne.


  • DALI, monologue for theatre, co-writer, and director. Stables Theatre. Sydney and LA Mama Theatre Melbourne.
  •, play: writer and director. SideTrack Performance Space, Marrickville. Sydney.
  • 25 Years of Performance Art. Performances: Is e’ an Aussie Is’e, and DOT. Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney. Institute Of Modern Art, Brisbane. Curated by Nicholas Waterlow.
  • "Sounds In Space", exhibition of audio works. Yurabirong - excerpt from the radio broadcast - in conjunction with the Australian Broadcasting Commission and BOO! - Audio installation, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.
  • NSW Ministry for the Arts, Arts - Industry Initiative Program - research into using LED display systems as media for animation.
  • Yurabirong - The people of this place, Sound work for radio broadcast - The Listening Room, Australian Broadcasting Commission. Producer and principal artist. Audio narrative using archival and original material, tracing evidence of the destruction of the Eora language and culture.


  • 25 Years of Performance Art. Perth Institute Of Contemporary Art, Western Australia. Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne. Curated by Nicholas Waterlow.
  • Yurabirong - The people of this place, Sound work for radio broadcast - The Listening Room, Australian Broadcasting Commision. Producer and principal artist. (2nd broadcast)


  • Yurabirong - The people of this place, Sound work for radio broadcast - The Listening Room, Australian Broadcasting Commission. Producer and principal artist. (3rd broadcast)
  •, play: writer and director. The Performance Space. Sydney. Produced by SideTrack Theatre.
  • Ecology, Exhibition of assemblage as Artist in Residence, Gallery Chemould. Bombay, India. ("New Horizons". AsiaLink, Dept. Foreign Affairs and Trade.).


  • Festival of Perth., play: writer and director. Dolphin Theatre University of Western Australia. Produced by the Festival of Perth.
  • Yurabirong - The people of this place. Sound work for radio broadcast - Classic FM, Australian Broadcasting Commission. Producer and principal artist. (4th Broadcast)
  • Nadia&Ned, Fire and Life New Horizons part 2.
    Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. West End Gallery. Installation with the Indian artist Pushpamala
  • Decoy, Body of Information, Australian Video and Interactive work. Gallery Connexion, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.


  • Blind Ned video installation, Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart.
  • arts_edge. Curator/Co-ordinator international interactive multimedia award, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth.
  • Blind Ned video screening, FIM in Salvador, Bahia. South America.
  • Yurabirong - The people of this place. Sound work for radio broadcast - Pacifica network KPFA in Berkeley, California. USA.


Selected Electronic Media and Installation works:


  • Planet of noise, Sound design for IMM title, with artist: Brad Miller and McKenzie Wark.


  • Moorditj- Australian Indigenous Cultural Expressions for DUIT, University of Western Australia. Sound Design for IMM title.


  • Yurabirong - the people of this place, a sonic work for radio: a subjective view of language, memory and colonialism before and after the settlement of Sydney Cove. The Listening Room. ABC Radio.

Active research and research interests:

My research relates specifically to my work as an artist. I am interested in and have pursued throughout my career the principals of painting as a methodology in the construction of form within disciplines such as installation, writing, audio and theatre.
Currently I am writing a narrative for the www commissioned by Artspace in Sydney, called: Mr. Whites Diary; an incomplete view of the end.
I am also working with the artist Rosemary Laing on the project SPIN . SPIN is the subject of a current submission to the University of NSW, Australian research Council Small Grant Support in 1999. This work has confirmed presentations at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Osaka, Japan and The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne. (FOR:120402/SEC:200200/GC:507

Selected Publications:

  • Dissonance. Eloise Lindsay, Allen and Unwin, Publication forthcoming.
  • A History of Australian Performance Art 1962-90. Anne Marsh, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, Australia. 1993.
  • Out of The Intermix , WEST 6/7 audience,/ genre/new media, 1992. Gabriel Finnane. University of Western Sydney. 1993
  • New Technologies and the Arts. A. Murphy, "Beyond Presence" ed. P.Haywood, Arts Council of Great Britain, 1990.
  • Spectator Burns Vol. 1, Sydney. Eloise Lindsay, "Stolen Time" 1986.
    Selected Reviews:
  • AGENDA #30/31. A, Selenitsch, "White Pointer", (Centre for Design RMIT,
    Melbourne, Australia), ISSN 1033 - 1115, p31.May 1993
  • Art and Text. Sydney, Autumn 1990
  • High Performance Magazine, "Told By An Idiot" London, San Francisco, Cal. Winter 1988
  • Performance Magazine, London. Issue #55, Sept. 1988 and # 42, Autumn 1986.
  • The London Financial Times. 1988 Deana Petherbridge.
  • Time Out. "Told By An Idiot" London. #942, Sept, 7-14. 1988.
    Selected Catalogues:
  • Sounds In Space, Catalogue, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. 1995.
    ISBN 1 875 632 34 4
  • Art is Slow. Catalogue essay, "A famous conflict, the loss of virginity and various things explained." for Richard Grayson. Published September 1998 by the Contemporary Art centre of South Australia. ISBN 1 875751 45 9
  • I Dreamt That All Dreams Are Lies TECHNE, New media Art. Catalogue essay. Published by IMAGO. CMC. 1997
  • Eyewitness, Catalogue, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne. 1994
    25 years of Performance Art in Australia, catalogue. Copyright the authors and Ivan Dougherty Gallery 1994. ISBN 07334 0906 7.
  • Encounters with Diversity. Catalogue, I.C.A. New York, N.Y.1992.
  • 8th Biennale of Sydney Catalogue. 1990. (VOL. 1 and 2.)
  • 6th Biennale of Sydney Catalogue. 1986
  • 4th Biennale of Sydney Catalogue. 1982.
  • Australian Perspecta Catalogue 1989
  • Art Line. "Told by an Idiot" London. Vol. 4 #2, Sept/Oct, 1988.
  • Australian Perspecta Catalogue 1985
  • Various newspaper reviews - SMH, Age, Australian, etc.








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