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Curriculum vitae / Resume of Max Spielmann




Max Spielmann, born in 1958

Offenburgerstr. 23, 4057 Basel

My work centres around the interaction between various media and the creative tension to which it gives rise.
Having trained as a doctor, I have also worked on and developed a parallel interest in audio and video since the end of the 70s. It began with a pop group called elephant château and has continued with a sound studio of the same name.
My video background was built up through on-the-job training at a video studio (1986-92) and I have been writing video scripts since 1986. As a logical extension to my experience in sound and video, I have been doing more work on the sound engineering side, particularly on art video productions.
Since the beginning of the '90s, interactive media have been demanding more attention. Initially in the form of CD-ROMs and later on as Internet projects.
I am currently self-employed as a sound engineer and musician as well as scriptwriter and have been working as a consultant and lecturer at Hyperstudio/HyperWerk, the multimedia institute of Basel School for Applied Science.


Elephant château projects

  • Cassette with Marlene McCarty News for: or ufos visit the palace (1983)
  • Maxi single "Dreamings" (1984/85)
  • CD/LP "Offshore drilling" (1990)


Sound engineering projects and co-productions with Christoph Gallio and the Percaso label

  • fishland (1986)
  • certainty/sympathy (1988)
  • cars & variations/high desert songs (1994)
  • à Gertrude Stein (1996)
  • Day & taxi/about (1988)

Productions for the label "Because of You"

  • The Baboons 1 LP (1987)
  • Les reines prochaines/"Jawohl sie kann's, sie hat's geschafft (1990)
  • Sky Bird/Babette (1989), Sky Bird (1992) and Das Schaf (1994)

Various contract work

  • Sound tracks for industrial videos

Documentaries and art productions

  • "Tschinese, Tschaponese, morto di fame" by Franz Schnyder (1987)
  • "Folgefrucht" by Florian Görner and Beat Häner (1990/91)
  • All productions by Andrea Iten since 1991

Contract work

  • CD-ROM sound tracks
  • Various contracts for Hyperstudio
  • In production: "Air" (1998-99)


Installations and videos

  • "Tanzbär" installation with Barbara Krieg/Vision Gallery, Basel (1985)
  • 3-dimensional installation with Barbara Krieg/Raum und Reaktion Burgdorf (1986)
  • Video productions with Barbara Krieg - Nebellied, Delikt, Subject-Object (1985)
  • Various projects with Andrea Iten (since 1991)
  • Co-producer on "Letter to Maimouna" (1992-94)


  • Various conceptual and scriptwriting projects





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